Taking Control of Goods Level 3 Courses

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Taking Control of Goods Level 3 (OCN) May 2019 MidlandsThe Bridge Centre
  • 22/05/2019 08:00
Taking Control of Goods Level 3 (OCN) June 2019 MidlandsThe Bridge Centre
  • 19/06/2019 08:00
Taking Control of Goods Level 3 (OCN) July 2019 MidlandsThe Bridge Centre
  • 24/07/2019 08:00


Level 3 Award in Taking Control of Goods Qualification

The Level 3 Taking Control of Goods is awarded by the Open College Network which was developed in association with Industry Experts at IES Training for the Enforcement Industry.

This course was developed to raise the expertise of Enforcement Agents, beyond the minimum requirement set by the Ministry of Justice of the Level 2 Taking Control of Goods.

The Qualification is assessed by written assignments which required submission via our training portal

The course is run over four days and will provide trainees with the  advanced skills to have an advanced understanding of the law of “Taking Control of Goods”.

This course involves pre-reading to gain prior learning before attending the classroom-based part of the course. There are reading materials for revision based learning hours.

We are often able to provide some practical training shadowing an existing experienced Certificated Enforcement Agent, at an extra cost. Please speak to your course tutor after the course.


The course covers six learning outcomes:

  • Understand the role of enforcement agents within the enforcement profession
    Including structure, functions of the role, terminology used, liaising with the other services including the Police, how and what fees are charged, and handling payments.
  • Understand the law relevant to enforcement agents
    Including understanding the powers and duties placed by Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, the Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act, the statutes that govern using Enforcement Agents including Magistrates Court Act, Traffic Management Act.
  • Understand the practice of taking control of goods
    How to take goods into control, exempt goods, rights of entry and re entry, third party ownership and disputes, documentation that needs to be used.
  • Understand the practice of removal and sale of goods
    Process for removal of controlled goods, documentation to be completed for this process, methods of sale, implications of sale for all concerned.
  • Understand relevant aspects of customer care
    How to give good customer care, requirements of the National Standards, recognising and dealing with vulnerable people, dealing with complaints, times and hours of visits.
  • Understand how to manage conflict situations
    How to recognise conflict, how to diffuse conflict situations and how to reduce risks with conflict.

The course also covers:

  • Certificate application process
  • Obtaining a Disclosure & Barring Service check
  • Obtaining a County Court Judgment certificate
  • Preparing copies of forms you intend to use
  • How to obtain an Enforcement Agents Bond
  • Where to get work

What is the difference between the 2 Day & 4 Day Course?

The Four day course is designed for Trainees & New Starters who do not hold a Level 2 Taking Control of Goods and with to have a greater knowledge of the industry and its processes.

The Two day course is aimed Enforcement Agent’s who have already attained a level 2 Taking Control of Goods and wish to further their knowledge and skills in “Taking Control of Goods”

I already hold a level 2 Taking Control of Goods can i qualify for contributing units towards my level 3?

Yes you can you will need to supply a copy of your level 2 certificate (The certificate must be issued by a recognised Awarding Body to qualify)

What is the difference between between an OFQUAL accredited course and one provided by on the Endorsed frame work?

All OFQUAL Accredited courses are required to go through a constant audit process both for the quality of the content of the course, the examination process and for the trainers delivering the course, exam paper are checked on a regular basis by an external assessor to ensure that the course has been delivered in like with OFQUAL guidelines to ensure that the content is up to date.  .  Endorsed courses do not undergo these audits and may not checked at all by authorising body to ensure that the content is relevant to the learning outcomes.

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